About me

I am a home educating mother of four, traveler and writer.

My favorite way to spend a Saturday is researching destinations and planning the next adventure. You can find my coffee fueled anecdotes on my blog, adventuresineverydaylife.com.au and in online and print publications. If I was only able to visit two countries outside of Australia ever again, they would be Italy and New Zealand. Italy because food, faith and family rule and New Zealand because her lush green hills and snowy mountains feel like home. Home education is a way of life for us now and I look forward to sharing my ideas and tips along with encouraging you take the plunge and educate your own.

I have been home educating for the last 11 years now

My oldest was sent off to school without too much thought, because that’s what everyone does right? Not much more than a year into it, we chose our own adventure, and began home educating. That little six year old has now had her first solo overseas trip and is creating her own life. She is almost 17.

why blog about homeschooling?

I’d really like to share what I’ve learnt and connect with other families on the same journey, or just thinking about it.

As I writer this is also my creative outlet and my voice. I intend to share the highs and lows with you and look at the answers to some of home schoolings big questions.

What’s our home schooling style?

We fit into the ‘ecclectic’ category, though I hate to be pigeon holed. It means we don’t stick rigidly to a certain style of home education, rather we dabble in many styles. With four kids I see their individual needs as being the most important, so I tailor their education to that. Overall philosophy is what drives me most.

If there is something you would really like me to cover, please drop me a line below and say hi.


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