I’m 14 and I Quit Social Media – By Ivy Parkinson

How I broke up with Social Media

On the 8th of April I deleted the Instagram and YouTube from my phone and ipad. This marked day one of a thirty day social media cleanse. I chose to do this because of the many negative effects of social media and spending too much time staring at a screen.

My inspiration for the challenge came from a recent video posted by my favorite YouTube Channel called “Yes Theory”

One of the channel members tried to limit his screen time by deleting social media apps from his phone. After 30 days the difference he felt was evident and the person felt 100 times better for it. When I watched the video I was interested in trying it for myself.

Along with deleting the apps, I took on 3 new daily tasks

The first new task was cold showers. Pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone every day was also part of the project. Meditation and journaling became part of my day too. These four tasks gave good structure to my day and were great ways to use my time productively.

The first week without social media was probably the hardest.

Bored is the best way to describe how I felt most of the time and I constantly felt like there was nothing to do. My journal was filled with “still bored” and I had to push myself to do productive things with my time.

The second and third weeks I began to feel different

I didn’t feel the constant need to check Instagram and I easily found great ways to spend my time well. Productive activities came naturally, rather than feeling like I constantly needed to push myself. My days now included going on walks and runs, bike rides, spending time with family and friends and reading (books!).

The cleanse was (as expected) greatly beneficial

My day to day habits improved and I proved to myself that I COULD go 30 days without social media or YouTube! I urge you to try a challenge for yourself, even if it’s only for 7 days, and I know you will notice the amazing changes too.

Ivy Parkinson

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