Homeschool for the Holidays

What do you do in the school holidays?

We often get asked the question, “Do you follow the school terms?” To some extent yes, to some no. Many homeschoolers wouldn’t be caught dead taking a trip in school holiday time. We prefer to have the caravan park / resort / pool all to ourselves and wait until school’s gone back. So, we don’t go on planned holidays in school holidays. Not that we are allergic to mixing with others (homeschool myth), it’s often more that the price is hiked up and the facilities are crowded.

Make the most of holiday programs

Right now my youngest is loving a 4 day horse riding program. From 9-12 each day she is in horsey heaven with 3 other kids. The consecutive days have been great for her confidence and skill building. Others I know enjoy a day or two of basketball, cricket, soccer, tennis or whatever they love. The junior Rangers program in Vic. offers some great free activities in the great outdoors.

See what’s on in your area for the school holidays.

Take some time to rest

The pace of activities like soccer training and games, or dance classes, can be a little too much during the term. I know it is for us, with 4 children doing various things. The school holidays can be a good time to just make pancakes for breakfast, have a rest, and just not be locked into anything. Being spontaneous isn’t as much of an option when you have a few kids (or even just one) locked into teams and activities that you’ve paid for. Enjoy the chance to be open to what comes up. Have a sleep in, a nothing day, a walk on the beach, a day at home, or whatever you feel like.

Catch up with your mates

We can all get busier than we like, as much as I hate to admit it. Even us homeschoolers, as our kids get older, have a bit more on than we’d like. School holidays offers us time to see those other busy homeschoolers, who have a little less on too. It also gives us a chance to catch up with our schooled friends.

Catching up, getting ahead

The older kids who are committed to language study through VSL (available to secondary school students by correspondence) are using the time to get a week or two ahead in their work sets, since we will be hitting the road for a big drive north in soon.


If you’re a planner, then now is a good time to do that. I’m planning to work around a ballet concert and musical performance for Ivy, both occurring at the same time, and getting organized with costumes, fake eyelashes and all that jazz, to make things a little smoother when we’re in the eye of the storm. Some people plan curriculum, or subjects, or unit studies. Some people plan trips. Mostly I like planning trips.

Yes we do and no we don’t

Yes, we take a break from activities, no we don’t usually go away, in the school holidays. That’s the beauty of this ‘work at your own pace’ life.


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